House cleaning services in Ajax, Whitby, Pickering, ON, and Durham region

Things come up and take you by surprise—sometimes it’s an unexpected guest, other times it’s the realization that your garage is taking over your house. Whatever those stressful chores or events are, you might find you need additional housekeeping services above your regular house cleaning.

Take a look at some of the one-time house cleaning services The Maids of East Toronto and Durham Region—including Ajax, Oshawa, Pickering, Whitby, Port Perry, Uxbridge, Bowmanville and Newcastle —provides to ensure that every need you have is met:

Same-Day Service - This is for those little surprises, like getting the phone call that your in-laws are coming for a visit or the email from your friend that she’s bringing her family over for dinner. This service is available when you need your house clean and it can’t wait.

Move-In and Move-Out Cleaning - Whether you’re moving out of an old home or into a new one, good housekeeping services can make a difference in your peace of mind. Let us help you get your deposit back or have confidence that your new home is clean.

Garage Cleaning and Organizing - If you’ve recently opened your garage door and felt overwhelmed, you might want to consider this one-time house cleaning service. Get your garage back under control and breathe a sigh of relief.

Kitchen Cabinet Organization/Fridge Cleaning - When you go looking for the ingredients for your favorite recipe, do you have to pull everything out of your cabinets, or do you find gunk in the bottom of your refrigerator? Get one or both of these services to make finding anything in your kitchen a lot easier!

Oven/Grill Cleaning - Your oven and grill probably sees a lot of action—but how clean are they? With these housekeeping services, you’ll know you’re getting the best-tasting, safest food from your clean cooking surfaces.

Wall/Window Cleaning - These two services provide that extra shine to certain areas of your home. While kitchen and entry windows are cleaned at every visit, every once in a while, you’ll want all of your windows clean. Add the wall cleaning service to give polish to any room. Additionally, you can request cleaning for mirrored walls and wood paneling.

Floor/Grout Cleaning - Tired of your grout looking gray or your floors looking dingy? These housekeeping services put some shine back into your home. You can also request wood floor cleaning to make sure every room gets the best treatment possible.

Chandelier & Light Fixture Cleaning - You might find that your light fixtures are casting a dull glow on your clean house. If this is the case, you can request this additional service to give you a complete clean.

If you find that you need any of these one-time house cleaning services, give The Maids of East Toronto and Durham Region a call so you can have confidence and satisfaction in every part of your clean home.

Team Cleaning at Every Visit

Whether you hire us for our recurring maid services or a one-time clean, we always use the best products and equipment to thoroughly clean your home with a team of cleaners. Teams provide the best house cleaning services for a number of reasons:

  • Team cleaning allows for a systematic approach, making sure every job gets covered.
  • When each team member is assigned to an task, they will be completely focused on that task, ensuring you get a detailed clean.
  • Each team answers to a team leader who can verify that every task has been completed to the expected standard.

Each team member is carefully screened and professionally trained. In addition, all teams are insured and bonded. This way, you can enjoy your clean house without worrying about the details.

Add a One-Time Service to Your Clean Today

No matter what type of additional house cleaning service you need, you can trust that we’ll take care of your home. Give The Maids a call for the best one-time house cleaning services in Ajax and the surrounding areas!

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