If you possess the need to fix up your bathroom, even with the results achieved from house cleaning, color is amongst the most essential factors in making a decision. Picking coloration should really be a first aspect to being prepared for your renovation. All things considered, you've always dreamed of a place to brighten your mornings or take delight in spending some time in the bath.

This is actually the potential opportunity to construct a thrilling, mood brightening setting.

Choices never end in relation to coloring for use on your bathroom. Look into tones that present your lifestyle that would fit well with the washroom. Discover that design you dream about and experience the possibilities.

Housekeeping can be quite a chore, but little things like smelly towels can slow you down. Once you've thrown a load of towels in the washing machine, you go to throw them in the dryer and discover that they have a smell to them. You hope that the dryer will fix that because after all, they look clean, right? However, you come to find that it's still there.

Washing your towels more than once before drying didn't seem to do the trick, right? Every time you wash those towels, no matter what kind of towels they are, they build up with detergent residues and fabric softener residues. The more you wash, the more built up they get. The buildup prevents water from penetrating deep inside the towels, which turns into missed areas that odors (bacteria) like to hide.

How do you clean your house? Do you go room by room, cleaning it completely before moving onto the next? This is the most common way to do house cleaning, and it’s called “zone cleaning.”

There’s another way to clean, called “task cleaning,” that is generally a much more efficient way to clean. If you’re skeptical, give it a try and see if you feel like it’s faster!

What Task Cleaning is & How to Do It

Task cleaning is, basically, exactly what it sounds like. Instead of moving room to room, you move task to task, completing one task throughout the whole house before you move onto the next task.

Here’s one way to proceed through the house as a task cleaner:

Thinking through a full home design can be a lot of work. There are so many considerations, decisions, and options that sitting down to choose them all can get overwhelming quickly.

If you’re looking for some re-decorating but don’t want to think through every detail, these tips can help make a big impact on your space with simple changes.

Combine Old & New

Many new decorators make the mistake of forcing all of the design elements in the room to be exactly the same in terms of era and general design, but that doesn’t have to be the case.

Pair a modern living room set with an antique coffee table painted glossy black, or try combining a clean, modern sofa with Victorian-style accessories. You can turn a space like this into an elegant, eye-catching space by controlling the way the color works in the room—stick to one or two major colors instead of a broad palette.

The goo and crust that builds up around faucets and fixtures can be nearly impossible to get loose. Professional cleaning products, intense amounts of scrubbing and scraping, and you still might not get it all clean.

Between maid service visits, try this trick to get faucets and fixtures looking new again—it’s an easy process with great results!

Step #1: Soak paper towels in vinegar. Tear off sheets of paper towels (you want a minimum of two sheets per fixture) and soak them in a bowl of white vinegar. It’s okay to get them dripping wet—that’s actually exactly what you want.

Step #2: Wrap the paper towels around the fixtures. Treat this like paper towel cast, surrounding the faucets and fixtures entirely so that every spot has some of the wet paper towel on it.

When you’re ready to decorate your house, you might want to take a look into your closet first. Not only can you pull a lot of inspiration from the things you have there, but you can also get some tips for decorating.

The next time you’ve finished house cleaning and are looking to re-decorate, use these tips straight from your closet:

Choose Some Staples. When you look into your closet, you can probably find a few staple pieces—these go with everything. A black dress, a white shirt, a tan skirt—pair them with almost anything else in your closet, and they will work.

If you are a lover of older and vintage items, you’re probably very familiar with the musty smell that often accompanies them. It can be a hard scent to get out as most common odor cleansers aren’t enough and even a thorough cleaning doesn’t really help.

Here’s a trick to add to your housekeeping book: get rid of musty odors without doing much of anything.

Step #1: Cat Litter. Buy a small bag or box of kitty litter. You don’t have to buy a cat, that’s optional!

Step #2: Cover the Piece. If you’re working with a container like the luggage above, just dump the litter in. Otherwise, place the piece in a plastic bag with a scoop of litter. Close or seal it up.

Step #3: Wait. Waiting is always the hardest part, especially if you really want to use the piece you’ve picked up. However, giving it a week will allow the litter to do its work and absorb the odors.

Does your microwave look a little more like a science experiment gone wrong than you would like? So many foods splatter and splash while cooking in the microwave, leaving splotches and splatters all over the inside.

Then, of course, there’s the outside, where fingerprints and dust tend to run amok between house cleanings

Take care of both quickly and easily: you can have the entire microwave clean in less than 15 minutes!

The Interior 

Ready to get rid of those splatters and splashes? This will take care of it and you will barely have to lift a finger!

How often do you clean your windows? Once a week, once a month? It's probably part of your normal house cleaning, and you may even have your maid service tackle it. What about your window screens? A lot of homeowners don’t give much thought to cleaning the window screens because they aren’t directly in the house, but it can be a good idea for the life of the screen (and the ease of looking out of it!) to clean it every once in a while.

The process is straightforward, but if you need a little help getting started, this step-by-step guide should make it easy:

When the internet says there’s an app for everything, they really mean it! From house cleaning to cooking to yes, decorating, there are hundreds of apps that make life a little easier.

Need help with ideas? Matching colors? How about looking at a blueprint of your room and positioning your furniture? There’s an app for that!

3 Smart Phone Apps for Decorating 

You want to add some new style to your home, but you’re having a hard time conceptualizing it. What will it actually look like? How will you find the right paint color?

If you have a smart phone, the answer might already be at your fingertips. Check out these three apps for decorators:

Color-Matching. Many paint companies now have apps that allow you to color-match anything to their paint. Want to find the shade that matches your favorite area rug? Take a picture of the rug and send it through the app. In a few minutes, it will tell you which color or colors are the closest match!

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