Anyone who would like to dust their home will have a common question “How often should I dust?” Well, before searching for the answer, let us know some important facts about the dust and the necessity to prevent it at home.

Actually, the dust is composed of items such as human skin cells, pet dander, fabric, fibers, dust mite excrement, in addition to grime and remains being trailed in.

Dusting is an essential task for some reasons. Dust on the exteriors of domestic items can make them appear dingy and dirty. In fact, it can result in scratching and spoiling the surface of those household items. Dust creates allergy and inhalation difficulties for several groups of people as well. In general, dusting as a usual task can defend your family members and the surfaces of your abode.

Thank you to all of our customers who contributed to our 6th annual drive for The Denise House, an emergency shelter for abused women and their children. Your donations were very generous and helped make their Christmas' more enjoyable!

About The Denise House


Women and their children living free from all forms of oppression and abuse and the power imbalances that result.

Looking for some fun kids' activities to keep your children entertained?  Whether your kids are on a short break from school or on a long summer vacation, they tend to say, "I'm bored!" a lot!  To keep that boredom at bay, try some of these engaging games and activities.

  • Ever thought of making a puzzle for the kids out of Popsicle sticks? Better yet, let them make the puzzles themselves for added fun.  Simply take a picture (one that you've taken yourself, one cut from a magazine or even one from a holiday or birthday card) and glue it onto Popsicle sticks. Wait for it to dry and then cut between the Popsicle sticks.  Now you have a simple, fun puzzle for your younger kids to put back together.
  • Or, make some 'no-knit' scarves.  These are easy to make and are very pretty, so if your kids need a last minute gift for someone, this is handmade and wearable!  Measure out pieces of yarn that would be long enough to go around your neck; you will need a lot!  Anywhere from 75 pieces to 100 pieces of yarn will do. Next, tie a knot at one end and then divide the pieces into three sections. Begin to braid those three together. Knot the other end and brush out the fringe! You've made a 'no-knit' scarf!

It's that time of year when everyone gathers together to celebrate and spend time with family and friends. Preparing to host a party is hectic, with activities like house cleaning, food preparations, entertainment planning, and finding time beforehand to get ready. Why not help make preparing for your party a little easier with these great tips.

Plan ahead

Start your house cleaning a week beforehand. That way, you can tend to any last minute details the day of your party. Start by walking through your place as if you were a guest. Pay attention to details that you may over look that guests may notice. Use this guideline to set a pace for yourself with house cleaning.

The word fabric has several definitions, but is also used to relate to a particular subject, like computer networking. A curtain evolves from fabrics too. In this particular case, a fabric is defined as the product of having one or more materials spun and weaved together. In other words, cotton that was woven together to make a shirt has become a fabric. Wool woven together with polyester also becomes a fabric. It doesn't matter how many materials are used, it still becomes a fabric. Fabrics can have any fiber or material within them. Therefore, curtains may be described by either the fabric or the materials.

Many people feel that they just don’t have the time and energy to keep up with housekeeping. In today’s world, that is quite understandable. Life is busy enough as it is and it can be hard to take care of everything that needs taken care of. House cleaning and sanitizing efforts are important, but finding the time to successfully complete those tasks regularly can be a challenge. Even if you get those tasks under control, how much detail is really getting done? Most would say not much; just the most important things.

Hiring a housekeeping service can do more than many think. When it comes to mind, most think it would be more money out the door. But is it really? Perhaps the little bit of money spent outweighs the negatives of not doing it.

Moulding, also known as trim, is in almost every single household. Moulding is used to conceal unattractive views like around the interior of windows or over the bottom of drywall at floor level. It also gets used to decorate and enhance the interior areas of any room. They get installed at ceiling to wall areas, around entryways, around room doors, and even on shelving and cabinets.

Because they are widely used, they stand out in every room and make or break the visual appeal in that area. Sure, your housekeeping efforts make the home look good, but things like moulding can affect visual appeal, especially if worn out, chipped, cracked, faded, or even missing.

Every house carries contaminants and pollutants. It can contribute to sickness or allergies. It may very well look fabulous with the housekeeping efforts, but some things can be invisible like air contamination. Even though you cannot rid your home of all contaminants, you can at least help reduce them effectively.

Many of the illnesses today get spread from home. The air quality is not as healthy as it can be. At times when all windows get closed, it pretty much promotes the pollutants as they are trapped in the home. Furnaces tend to blow the contaminants around and also shuffle up dust and allergens.

Without lighting, your home would be in darkness. Being in darkness does not get anything accomplished, except a lower electric bill. You would not get anything completed, including home cleaning, home upgrades, home entertaining, or home decorating.

Incandescent light bulbs have been used for table lamps, ceiling lights, ceiling fans, floor lamps, microwaves, and many other items for numerous decades. Nevertheless, wattage consumption can add up, especially with many 60-watt incandescent bulbs and some 100-watt bulbs. The electric bill climbs the more these bulbs get used.

Your household may presently look wonderful along with the housekeeping you choose to do, but getting more excitement within your out-of-doors living area is often an upgrade nearly everybody will enjoy. With some clever thinking and some nifty tricks, you can make your outside living more exciting. Highly inexpensive, budget-friendly upgrades are widely available without spending a bunch of money.

Basically, your out-of-doors living space is simply only as good as the space around it. If areas like that get a ton of traffic, consider using pave stones. This will help protect those areas from turning brown, developing mud, and even getting flattened.

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