1791977-spray-detergent-bottle-040214-1623Allergies and other respiratory issues make it hard for some people to use chemical cleaning products. At the same time, there are plenty cleaning items sold these days claim to be eco-friendly and free of harsh chemicals, when that isn’t always the case.  The following are some cleaning solutions which you can make right in your kitchen using other common household products:

Wax for Floors

  • 2 Tbsp. of olive oil
  • warm water
  • white vinegar

This wax will serve as an effective alternative for those who are bothered by the strong chemical smell of many common floor cleaners.

wheely binThere are many industries that are doing an awesome job of manufacturing safe-keeping bins. These bins are a great part of daily life as they are available in a wide range of sizes and shapes for organization and house cleaning. These storage bins are used not only in homes, but in schools and warehouses as well. You can easily get the bins according to your need from any shop near your property.

2249-1013-A2291Preserving confidential papers is something that every household needs to know to do because nobody wants any of these papers wet, lost, burnt, or damaged:

  • birth certificates
  • registration papers
  • credit reports
  • membership cards
  • collectible concert tickets
  • home business papers
  • photos
  • and other valuable papers

window-cleaner-squegee-square-051414Instead of using toxic chemical products in your home, you can make your own cleaning agents using some safe household ingredients. However, never mix bleach and ammonia, as they can create a deadly gas. It is important to ensure that the ingredients you are planning to use are appropriate for the surface you want to clean. White distilled vinegar and many other basic cleansers are safe for cleaning most surfaces, and can be mixed to make great cleaning products. Below are a couple of recipes for basic cleaners and their uses:

Sleep is important in order to be healthy, happy, and focused. It is also important to enjoy life! With all the busy things that your daily schedule has, housekeeping can be exhaustive. Hiring a maid service can help with the cleaning part, but you still need to get sleep in order to get through your busy day. So how can you help get a better night’s sleep? It starts with the bed. Here is some helpful information to get you on your way to better sleeping.


The mattress on your bed does make a difference. There are so many options and with them, you have many levels of comfort. You can get a mattress that has extra soft cushioning, dual spring systems, memory foam top layers, and much more.

It is crucial to keep your home neat and clean to ensure a healthy environment for your family and pets. That is why many homeowners hire housekeeping service companies to help them with their home cleaning needs. The decision to hire a housekeeping service comes down to a personal choice. Here are several housekeeping tips for you to manage your household cleanings:

Reduce Clutter by Getting More Organized

The cleanest homes do have some clutter, even if it is just in a cabinet or closet. It becomes difficult for many family members or individuals to clean their household chores on their own, particularly if they have a job or business. The dining room table in your home collects tons of things like mail, keys, cell phone chargers, tools, and other frequently used items. The living room table in your house gets bombarded with pens, cords, drinks, papers, remotes, and temporarily or commonly used products. Your office desk can become cluttered too with items like staplers, pens, computer cables, notepads, headphones, jewelry, and many other products. There may be lots of things sitting on the shelves too. By being more organized you can control clutter and have more space in your home.

Keeping your house clean and free of clutter can sometimes feel unattainable especially when trying to balance work and other parts of your life. For areas like the bedroom that can sometimes act as a backup storage for the laundry room and bathroom it can be challenging to keep track of where everything else.

Apart from the bed, the night stand is the other thing that will get attention and act as a secondary point of focus. Therefore getting a creative and innovative way to keep it clutter-free is essential. You can tidy up your night stand with clear containers not only to keep things out of the way but also to be able to see where everything is and access it easily.

As a home owner, you will certainly agree that in your house, you have several items fitted with handles, including kitchen cabinets, entertainment center doors, drawers, dressers, etc. Interesting thing about all of this is the fact that although the handles fitted in these items are made using good quality material, they are prone to wear and tear characterized by the surface wearing out, loosening, and breaking off amongst other things. The worst part is the fact that no amount of house cleaning can help you deal with this problem.

This being the case, if any of these handles at home gets loose, try and have it fixed, however in case any wears out or breaks off, simply have them replaced. Examples of quality materials used to make cabinet handles include: Nickel, Bronze, Brass, Pine, Oak, Chrome, and Stainless Steel. The material that is used in any case is usually determined by the intended application or use, followed by clientele preferences such as size and color. Since there are several options to choose from, you are guaranteed a chance to easily get that special type of handle which perfectly fits your style preferences with ease.

When a carpet gets wet, it is advisable to respond fast to so as to avoid mold and padding which might pose a threat to a person's health. To dry a wet carpet, the first thing one should do is find the source of the problem; a leak or otherwise. The second thing should be to get the carpet from the floor and lay or hang it somewhere for it to dry. For example, this can be done by leaving fans to blow at it until it dries. However, this does not apply to all carpets. For instance, if the wet carpet is too large or a wall to wall carpet, it might be cumbersome or hand to remove it from where it lies.

If you are a lover of coffee and tea, I am sure that cleaning of coffee and tea cups has given you a lot of problems. Regardless of whether you are excellent at housekeeping or not, using inappropriate cleaning methods and agents on your coffee and tea mugs will not yield impressive results.

If you wish to eliminate the challenges that you have experienced with your cups and mugs, these tips will introduce you to the best cleaning methods that will make your drinking utensils sparkling clean.

1. Use baking soda.

Baking soda is an award-winning abrasive cleaner that produces fast results on coffee and tea cups. All you need to do is to place some baking soda in the cups and add a little water so that it can form a paste. Thereafter, scrub the cup and the stain will be no more.

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