Watch Out For Bleach: Using Chlorine Bleach Safely

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Many homes use chlorine bleach for many applications. This powerful detergent disinfects surfaces, cleans products, and also kills mildew and mold. Although bleach is useful, it may be dangerous if not used carefully or properly. Therefore, you must be cautious when using it, most especially if you have pets or children within your household.

The Maids of Durham in Ajax, Ontario provides housekeeping services in which the products used are not only environmentally friendly, but also work the same or much better than chlorine bleach. That is the reason our services are designed to not only give you the best results in a safe way, but also ensure that you live in a safer environment once we leave your home.

Nevertheless, if you must use bleach (most households do), use it with caution and be sure to follow safety guidelines.

Disadvantages of Chlorine Bleach

In spite of the advantageous uses of chlorine bleach as listed below, it also has its own disadvantages. First, you have to be careful to stop it from coming in contact with acidic chemicals, ammonia, or any other household cleaners. If such a case happens, it may spark a chemical reaction that leads to the development of harmful vapors or gases. Worse still, it may result in an explosive reaction.

Apart from that, you must ensure that the bleach is not exposed to a stainless steel surface, since it may corrode it rapidly and possibly even burn a hole through it. In addition, chlorine bleach leads to the fading of some colored fabrics. Therefore, you must be cautious when using it to avoid spills or splashes. Lastly, chlorine bleach expires. The longer it stays in your home, the faster it will lose its strength. In fact, it loses approximately 20% of its strength after 6 months of time has passed from the manufactured date.

Advantages/Uses of Chlorine Bleach

Aside from any disadvantages that chlorine bleach may have, it does have several advantages. Bleach is one of the most universal detergents and is often used as an ingredient in many of the cleaners in existence today. Chlorine bleach can be used in cleaning and sanitizing counters, floors, white laundry, and much more. Just be sure to take note of the disadvantages/dangers as previously mentioned. Above all; bleach not only sanitizes, but also has great cleaning power. In addition to the basics, bleach can be used for:

  • Kid toys
  • Trash cans
  • Shower liners
  • Siding
  • And many other items

The mixture of bleach, water, and other ingredients will vary depending on what you want to clean or sanitize. If you would prefer not to deal with the dangers of bleach, The Maids of Cleveland (office in Bedford Heights)can handle the dirtiest jobs for you. In fact, only environmentally friendly cleaning solutions are used so there are no worries about using bleach. But once again, if you use it, be sure to be safe! It does not like skin either!

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