Two Impressive But Easy Do-It-Yourself Wall Art Projects

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Art on the wall can liven up a space, bring focus to a wall or a feature of a room, or even become a focus of a design. Unfortunately, it can also run up a pretty hefty bill if you're decorating your whole house, so it's great when you can find more affordable ways to add art, especially if you can easily create it yourself—no painting skills required!

These two art projects are beautiful, affordable, and simple enough for anyone to do!

Wallpaper Art

This project from Homedit is made for the not-so-crafty but do-it-yourselfer at heart.

You'll need:

  • Leftover wallpaper or wallpaper samples.

  • Poster board.

  • Adhesive.

  • A frame that fits the wallpaper.

Attach the wallpaper to the poster board with the adhesive. Once it's dry, frame it like you would any other piece of art. Just like that, you've got brand new art for any room in your home!

Homemade Canvas Print

When it comes to ideas we wish we would have thought of, this project from Apartment Therapy is near the top of the list!

  • A poster.

  • A canvas a little smaller than the poster (doesn't have to be a new canvas, either!).

  • Adhesive.

  • A staple gun

With the poster face down, apply adhesive to the canvas, then flip the canvas over and stick it to the poster. Go as slowly as you need to to prevent as many bubbles as possible! Smooth out any bubbles, then fold the edges up and staple them. That's it—it's done and ready to hang as soon as it's dry.

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