Three Great Tools for Decluttering and Organizing

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The absolute best way to put an end to clutter is to give everything you own a particular place. Then, get used to putting things back in their place as soon as you finish with them. When you master this housekeeping habit, you'll successfully reduce clutter—and keep it that way.

But what about finding a home for things? What if you're limited with space and storage even for the things you need and use every day? That's when it's time to get creative and find stylish, functional ways to store your belongings. Sometimes, one tool can go a long way, so here are three of our favorites:

Drawer Dividers

Separating small items and grouping them with similar things do wonders to an overflowing junk or craft drawer. Use a thin crafting box with built-in dividers or adjustible dividers made especially for drawers to improve your organization.

If you're really crafty, you can even use small baskets or the bottoms of cereal boxes!

Multitasking Furniture

If you can turn your furniture into extra storage space (without piling clutter on top of it!), that's a huge help. Thankfully, there are plenty of designers who have thought of this, and you can use things you already have or buy specific furniture for this trick. If you have a trunk or chest on hand, you can easily turn it into an ottoman, coffee table, or window seat.

There's also furniture made to be multifunctional. Think: drawers inside of beds or boxes inside of chairs.

Racks on Doors

Whether built into your door or hung over it, turning a door into valuable storage space is a genius way to maximize your organizational possibilities. Attach a pre-built rack to the inside of a pantry or closet door to extend the space.

You can even use the kind of door hangings specifically made for shoes to hold everything from crafting supplies to cooking ingredients.

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