The Many Uses of Vinegar

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Over the years, vinegar product has been extracted from many materials, including grains, beets, molasses, coconut, sorghum, fruits and many more. Vinegar can be effectively used for cleaning purposes in the home. This is majorly because it is cheap and is widely available. Furthermore, it is non-toxic, does not pollute the land always stays for a very long time without losing its strength. The following are some of the uses of vinegar as a cleaning agent:

Cleaning windows

Vinegar is used instead of toxic window cleaning chemicals. Most of these chemicals are very expensive to acquire and one will end up spending a lot of money. Simply mix two tablespoons of white vinegar together with a cup of water and put the solution into a spray bottle. Randomly squirt on the dirty windows and repeatedly scrub using a piece of newspaper. Paper towels should not be used as it causes streaking. 


During a big washing day, prepare a solution of white vinegar and water. Apply the resulting mixture on the cloth and scrub repeatedly. Repeat the process until the cloths have taken their original colors. 

Cleaning carpets

Carpets usually possess spots due to dirt that may accumulate on it. Simply mix vinegar and lemon juice together with distilled water and apply the solution on the dirty carpet and scrub.

Wash produce

According to research, white vinegar has been known to remove bacteria from fruits and vegetables. This is done by mixing water and white vinegar, and dispensing it in a bottle that contains a sprayer gun. Spray the fruits or vegetables and rinse with clean water.

Breaking bad bonds

White vinegar may be used to dissolve many commonly known adhesives. This helps to get rid of any sticky substances from a product, for example putting glue on something accidentally. Furthermore, vinegar can also be used for cutting grease. 

Fighting hiccups and cramps

Getting to swallow vinegar can help cure hiccups and cramps. Vinegar can also effectively perform this function when mixed with honey and hot water and taken before going to bed. Vinegar has the capability of boosting potassium levels in the body and therefore, people who experience foot cramps at night should apply this remedy. 

Conclusively, the above uses truly confirm the importance of vinegar in home cleaning. The uses are just but a few because more uses have recently been developed. These uses are always recommended by cleaning experts since they have been tested and have been confirmed to be effective.

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