Thank You To Our Customers

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Thank you to all of our customers who contributed to our 6th annual drive for The Denise House, an emergency shelter for abused women and their children. Your donations were very generous and helped make their Christmas' more enjoyable!

About The Denise House


Women and their children living free from all forms of oppression and abuse and the power imbalances that result.


The Denise House exists to:

  • Create an inclusive space for women by ensuring integrated anti-racist and anti-discriminatory service
  • Provide a safe and supportive environment and services for abused women and their children in Durham Region
  • Raise community awareness of issues resulting from all forms of abuse, 0ppression and discrimination against women
  • Provide services to support and empower women to create their own safe supportive environments


In fulfilling our mission we believe:

    • It is a basic human right for all individuals to live their lives in a safe, supportive and inclusive environment
    • All forms of abuse which result in violence against women and their children are criminal offenses which demand that abusers be held responsible and accountable
    • Advocacy and public education are fundamental to changing people’s attitudes
    • Women have the right to:
      • accurate information
      • choices
      • equality
      • society’s support
      • enforcement of their rights
      • an inclusive environment
      • women and children have the right to integrated, inclusive and non-discriminatory services that celebrate the individual differences and diversities among women


  • Women plan, provide and evaluate our services
  • In the delivery of services we are accountable to our clients, the changing needs of our community and our funding bodies
  • Utilize a collaborative community approach to identify needs and develop services
  • The needs of our clients must take precedence over our organizational needs
  • Take pro-active measure to maintain funding from a variety of sources
  • Operate in a cost effective manner
  • Provide ongoing education on social justice issues
  • Provide a positive, fair and equitable working environment
  • Ensure to attract highly qualified staff and volunteers who reflect the racially and ethnically diverse community we serve
  • Value volunteers as a valuable and integral part of the agency

Want to find out more about The Denise House - Click Here

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