Staying Safe with Your Space Heater

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The cold outside tends to creep in, and soon your toes are chilly or your favorite pajamas just aren’t enough to keep you warm. A space heater is a nice addition if you’re constantly cold, but it’s important to consider how to safely use your space heater.

Whether you use it to stay warm in your office or to keep your living room cozy while you watch TV, the first step you should take is house cleaning, especially in the room where you’re going to use the heater. Read on for more details and safety tips for your space heater.

 Important Tips

  • Keep it clear. Keeping your house clean in general will make it easier to find a place to put the space heater. You don’t want any clutter close to it, especially papers. If you don’t have time to clean, check with a local maid service.
  • Level it out. Put the space heater on a level surface. Some newer heaters have mechanisms that turn the heater off if it falls over, but you shouldn’t risk it. It’s much safer to put it somewhere stable.
  • Careful of fabrics. Be especially careful how close you put it to fabrics, especially flowing ones like curtains or blankets. The right fabrics heated by a space heater can catch on fire.
  • Don’t sleep with it. Space heater safety means keeping an eye on it, so sleeping is a definite hazard. Get some nice warm pajamas and a couple of big, heavy blankets instead.

Many house fires are completely preventable with proper safety and maintenance, and the same is true of fires caused by space heaters. Protect yourself by following these tips, and if you have any questions, make sure to consult your space heater manual. Stay warm—safely!



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