Solving Shoe Scatter Problems

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gsappp-img-3101-120213Shoes can easily get misplaced. Knowing where all your family’s shoes are at all times will save you from having to walk all over the house looking for a specific pair of shoes. Below are some tips on how to prevent shoe scatters in your home: 

Assemble them in one place

Before you can even start arranging them on the shoe rack, you need to first collect them all in the same place. Some of the places that you should check include under the bed and couch, in your gym bag and travel bag. As you do so, try to place pairs of shoes together for easier identification. Also, doing this will help you to dispose those that are worn out or no longer fashionable to wear. 

Create piles of shoes

This simply refers to placing shoes of that belong to the each family member in one place and try to be specific as you do so. One of the major reasons for doing this is so as to get a clear picture of the amount of space required.  

Over the door organizers

There are a number of over-the-door organizers that are specifically tailored to help homeowners store shoes in the right manner. More importantly, they help utilize the forgotten space over your door. 

Make sure shoes are stored in their intended location daily

When your family members remove their shoes every day after returning from work or school, make sure they put their shoes away where they belong. This will ensure that the shoes can be located easily the next time they are needed.

And while you are getting all your shoes organized, let the professionals at The Maids of Durham, in Ajax, Ontario, assist you with all your other housekeeping needs!

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