More Than Just a Chore, Cleaning Offers You Health Benefits

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Doing the dirty job: Without any doubt, cleaning is one of the most unimpressive and annoying tasks that you can expect to include in your daily list of activities. However, if a new study is to be believed, you might just want to consider putting in that extra effort. Mundane and simple physical activities such as washing and cleaning dishes in the kitchen can lower your risk of contracting unfavorable health issues such as Alzheimer's disease. Although that does not mean that you get a clean chit, it effectively reduces the probability of you going down with such conditions, even though you may be on the wrong side of seventy!

The health benefits of cleaning does not end with that, however. Bust out that vacuum cleaner for a change and you will find your stress melting away or you can even end up weighing a few notches lower on the scale. With such an array of health benefits, it won't be surprising if you start cleaning every week, or for that matter, even daily! After all, some wise man quite rightly remarked, "Cleanliness is next to Godliness."

  • You will burn calories: At first you may not feel that this is true, but on hindsight you will realize that cleaning is one of those unlikely activities that helps you burn a lot of calories. If you are on a cleaning frenzy, you stand the chance of burning around two hundred calories on an average per hour. Moreover, if your cleaning activity involves some real moving around, such as while cleaning a gutter, that value can shoot up even further.
  • It will help you de-stress: A clutter-free, clean home is something all of us love to see and the process of coming up with that finished product can work wonders on reducing our levels of anxiety. A twenty minute period of activity, including housework, is capable of reducing your stress and anxiety levels by no less than twenty percent. After all, when you are aware of where to look for your car keys, you will be spared the pain of enduring a stressful and frantic search just before you head out for work.
  • You can deal with your allergies better: Do you suffer from regular bouts of sneezing? By keeping your house clean, you can make it a thing of the past. A clean house is deprived of all forms of dust mites and goes a long way in helping you avoid completely or improve upon your allergies such as hay fever. Giving your furniture a thorough dusting, cleaning out your refrigerator and sink, washing your curtains and sheets, and undertaking frequent vacuuming runs are some of the best means by which you can keep a lid on your allergies. That annual spring clean you so devotedly pursuit will be the perfect time when you can reach into those deep-lying areas you otherwise shy away from cleaning. Take some time out now and you will be spared those itchy, red eyes and painful headaches later on.
  • Your anger gets the perfect outlet: Venting, at some point or other in our lives, becomes essential. However, instead of letting your better half bear the brunt, let the dust mites feel the heat of your anger. Cleaning is a very productive means by which you can release the pent up frustration and anger from your inner self. It is thus of little surprise to see people reaching for their vacuums after being involved in a heated argument or experiencing a demanding day at the workplace. By dealing with your anger, you will be saved the embarrassment of doing or saying things you ideally should not. If you are in a relationship, this will probably save you the ill-feelings of going through a breakup.

Conclusion: You can keep many a problem at bay by having a clean home. A tidy environment acts as a deterrent for most insects and rodents while the surface inside your home will be sanitized and prevent bacteria and other similar allergen from thriving. Last but not the least; you will be at peace knowing that you have everything under control as far as protecting the physical health of your family is concerned.

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