Make Your Own Abstract Art

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In addition to cleaning, housekeeping  is about making your house what you want it to be, decorating included, but it can be hard to find exactly what you want. That's why do-it-yourself projects are so popular.

Like this one: if you want colorful, abstract art for your home but aren't sure how to make it look good, event planner Jordan Ferney and her professional artist husband decided to give it a try and share their tips with readers.

What results is a DIY abstract project that will get your creativity flowing and result in artwork that you enjoy!

The Plan

To Start: Change Your Canvas. You're going to start with a blank canvas, but as Ferney points out, you want texture and layer to show through as you work. This means you want to give your canvas some depth before you even begin, and you start by adding color.

You're probably going to want to go with a lighter color or colors so you can build darker, brighter colors on top of it. While Ferney and her husband went with yellow and gray, you can use whatever color suits you—and your room—best.

“We used lots of water and were sloppy...” she says about trying to get some blending on the canvas. The result is a great, background that serves as a jumping off point for the rest of the painting.

To Try: Plan and Practice. Abstract art seems like it should be easy, but actually getting something you like can be difficult. Sketch out some shapes you want to try, mix some colors together to see what you come up with. Practice with the paint mixing, practice the ideas, and if you can afford a small, cheap canvas, you might want to practice your technique before committing it to your main canvas.

To Do: Start Painting—and Go Slowly. The key is to build on what you have step-by-step. Though it's tempting to start throwing paint at the canvas, slow down and look at what you've got so far. What color is going to look best next to the one you just added? What kind of angles do you think are going to look good? What kind of feeling do you want your painting to have?

A Note: One of the best pieces of advice Ferney gives is this: “So if you are getting frustrated take a break and come back when your mind is clear. Be experimental and keep trying things (adding white etc) until you are happy with it.” Rather than doing it all in one session, break it down. Walk away and come back with new eyes.

A little bit of practice and experimentation, and you could be hanging your own artwork on your walls in no time!

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