Make Your House Cleaning a Little More Colorful

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With so many housekeeping tasks waiting to be done, actually settling in to clean can be a drag. The best thing you can do for yourself is find a way to make it more fun or interesting—if you can do something that brings a smile to your face while you’re cleaning, it won’t be quite so bad.

One way to do this is to use organizing and cleaning supplies in colorful colors and patterns you enjoy. If cleaning is going to be a habit, you should have tools you enjoy, right?

Here are some colorful ideas to get you started, inspired by pictures like the one on the left from Woman’s Day:

Colorful Baskets & Containers

If you have to clean up the random items around your house anyway, wouldn’t it be nice to keep them in containers and baskets you enjoy? If your rooms are mostly neutral, you can store the baskets or containers in sight for an extra pop of color.

Bright Coat Hangers and Shelves 

Your closet doesn’t need to be a dungeon—bring out some bright hangers and colorful or decorated shelves to give your closet some life. How much more will enjoy putting away clothes in a closet that makes you smile?

Colorful Cleaning Tools

You can find everything from brooms to vacuum cleaners in bright colors now. Find matching designer broom and dustpans or color-coordinated microfiber cloths for your house.

Enjoy cleaning a little more with bright colors and exciting patterns. If you still can’t get into it or just don’t have the time, get the help of cleaning services and enjoy your home without the stress.

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