How to Keep Your Carpet Really Clean

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Carpets are notorious for holding onto germs, dirt, and moisture—things you definitely don't want in your home. How can you tackle the dirt and germs that are unavoidable over time? Maintenance is the key, and knowing what is needed to keep your carpet fresh and beautiful will get you there.

Maid services make it a point to vacuum while they're there, but there is more you can do to make sure your carpet is healthy.

  1. Deep Clean Once a Year. One of the best things you can do for your carpet is to give it a good deep cleaning once or twice a year. Whether you use steam cleaning or chemicals, you want something that's going to kill germs, remove dirt, and leave your carpet looking great. If you aren't sure where to start, check to see if your housekeeping services provides carpet cleaning.


  • Vacuum Frequently. Many homeowners think that vacuuming wears out their carpets, but it's actually exactly the opposite! Dirt and dust left trapped in carpet wear out the fibers over time. This leaves your carpet looking dingy. Instead, vacuum once a week (high-traffic areas should be twice a week) to keep your carpet clean. (Tip: if you sprinkle baking soda down and let it sit before you vacuum, it will also take out odors!)

    • Dust the Right Way. Many people don't realize that when dusting, the dust you're cleaning generally goes somewhere: down. If you don't vacuum after you dust, it will work its way into the carpet. Always dust from the highest surface to the lowest, then vacuum.

    • Use a Welcome Mat. The primary way dirt gets into a house is the same way everything else does: right through the front door. Put a thick, sturdy mat in front of the door to encourage people entering to leave some of their dirt on the mat rather than on your carpet!

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