How to Keep Your Bathroom Clean 1 Minute at a Time

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One minute seems impossible, doesn't it? Especially in the bathroom—there are so many things to clean, after all. The trick is to remember, though; that you likely spend a lot of time in your bathroom anyway, and minutes add up!

While it won't replace the occasional thorough, deep clean, this little bit of house cleaning will definitely lengthen the times between those cleans and also keep your bathroom looking and smelling great most of the time!

Make It Count

To use this method, you're going to have to make those 60 seconds work for you every time you're in the bathroom. Here's how you do it:

  • Keep antibacterial wipes or a clean rag and an all-purpose cleaner (like vinegar and water) in your bathroom. Every time you're there, take a second to wipe something: the counters, the mirrors, the sink, or the faucet.

  • Once a day, pour a little bit of cleaner in the toilet as you leave. The next time you come to the bathroom, take your brush and do a quick wipe of the toilet bowl. This will help keep the water ring from forming. 

  • Whenever you leave the room, look around for trash or clutter that can be taken to the trash can or to the room in which it actually belongs.

  • When you finish your shower, spray the whole shower with your vinegar and water spray. Leave the curtain open to let it dry, then just close the curtain the next time you're in there.

Eventually, these little things will become a habit, and your bathroom will be better off for it. You'll love always walking in a clean bathroom, especially since you don't have to spend an hour scrubbing it!

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