How to Grow the Lowest Maintenance Plant Ever

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A 53-year-old plant made it into the news recently. When you consider the life of most houseplants, this is already a big accomplishment for the green thumb at work here. The biggest surprise, then; is that there wasn’t much maintenance at all; in fact, for the past 40 years, the plant hasn’t even been watered.

When David Latimer sealed his plants in a glass bottle, he created a self-sustaining ecosystem, one that didn’t require much from him. He says the most he did was occasionally turn the jar so the plants grew evenly—now that’s the kind of gardening even the most unskilled grower can handle!

Grow Your Own Plant-in-a-Bottle 

The steps to creating your own plant-in-a-bottle are easy, if a little precise.

Step 1: Add a little bit of fine gravel to the bottom of a wide-necked, glass bottle.

Step 2: Put potting soil in next, and be generous. The soil needs to accommodate the roots as the plants grow.

Step 3: Find some extremely young plants and gently plant them in the soil. Common house plants like ferns are probably your best bet.

Step 4: Add a little more gravel on top of the soil to help hold the soil and plants in place.

Step 5: Water—but only a little—and seal.

Remember to store it in a well-lit place. It will grow towards the light, so remember to turn it occasionally. Then sit back and enjoy your personal ecosystem in a jar!

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