How to Clean Micro Fiber

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Microfiber is an outstanding fabric for furniture because it is stylish, durable and comfy. However it is may pose challenges when it comes to clean it. Most of the micro fiber fabrics cannot be cleaned by use of water and soap. The tricky part of cleaning this material with water is that water marks remain on the couch giving it an unpleasant look.

This is where the big challenge sets in. the following is a step by step guide of how to clean micro fiber furniture.

  • To start with; check the tag of the furniture or the manual to understand how the material should be cleaned. Each material has its cleaning procedure. If there is a “W” indication; then it means you can use water to clean. Otherwise do not clean with water.
  • Since most micro fiber do not use water let’s focus on how to clean non-water micro fiber.

Requirements are, temperate dry detergent, dry cleaning agent, lenient bristle brush and vacuum cleaner with soft brush.

The cleaning process

  • Scrub with the vacuum attached with soft brush to eliminate dust and loose debris
  • Sprinkle the dry agent at the area that requires cleaning, ensure the detergent is as little as possible. Work on each section at a time.
  • Brush the detergent gently into the fabric
  • Vacuum the area to dry.
  • If the fabric is yet to look amazing, you can use the cleaning agent at this point and follow the same procedure for the rest of the sections.

Some fabrics may be cleaned using alcohol. Alcohol dries quicker than water. The only additional item to include while cleaning with alcohol is the spray bottle. Which will help you to spray controlled amount of alcohol on the fabric then follow the above procedure. Alcohol do not leave patches.

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