Hazardous Chemical Safety Tips

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4064-101413-gs4064When handling hazardous chemicals in your home, it is important that you adhere to safe storage and use in order to avoid bodily injuries, or even possibly death, especially if you have kids in the house. Here are some tips on hazardous chemical safety:

Store In Right Containers

Most hazardous chemicals come with their own containers that are specifically designed for storing them. This is because the plastic material has unique ability to withstand the chemicals without losing shape or bursting. If you do transfer them into other containers, make sure they are designed for chemical, and are not old food or beverage containers, as this could confuse your children. Hence, to protect your family from chemical hazards, ensure that you store them in the right containers at all times. 

Label Them

If you do have some chemicals stored in other than their original containers it is very easy to get confused. To avoid confusion you should label the storage containers. 

Avoid Injury

To protect yourself, it is prudent to wear protective clothing such as gloves when working with hazardous chemicals. Educate your children on the dangers of handling chemicals and how to properly use them if they are old enough. Also, if they are too young, store them in a secure area to keep them away from little hands and mouths. If possible, choose a designated area that can be used to store all your chemicals safely.

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