Get Your Shelves Organized

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37-1013-A0039Just about every home has shelving in one area or another. It often gets cluttered, disorganized, or full. The leftovers simply get placed elsewhere to be lost or damaged. It can also create clutter. If your housekeeping routine involves organization, here is some helpful information to reduce time needed and make things easier to find.

Identify the Purpose

The first thing you need to do is determine what a shelf will be used for. It shouldn’t be a movie, book, board game, puzzle, cell phone accessories, and odds-and-ends parts shelf. That can create a serious mess and won’t look good either. If you need more shelving units, go for it. But don’t cram everything into one shelf.

Determine Spacing

Every shelving unit has pins or dowels that hold each shelf up. Usually, there are plenty of holes to adjust shelf height. Therefore, determine what will go where and try to keep like sizes on one shelf. This will maximize the space available and you may get an extra shelf out of it. You won’t have leftovers anymore.

To Hide or Not To Hide

A lot of shelved items look messy or just take away from the appeal of a room. In those cases, consider a shelving unit with doors. It will create a neat and clean look, while also adding visual appeal and comfort to a room.

Location, Location, Location

When it comes to movable shelving units, you need to choose the location wisely. Otherwise, it may be an inconvenience to get items when needed or it will be in the way of something else. It could also end up making a room look crammed.

If the items on the shelf are for the kids, consider placing it in the playroom or their bedroom. For movies, the living room or entertainment room works great. For books, a guest room or a family room fit perfectly. The living room and bedrooms are not good places for book storage. You need that space for other things and there is no sense in having to go elsewhere to get something.

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