Fun Kids' Activities

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Looking for some fun kids' activities to keep your children entertained?  Whether your kids are on a short break from school or on a long summer vacation, they tend to say, "I'm bored!" a lot!  To keep that boredom at bay, try some of these engaging games and activities.

  • Ever thought of making a puzzle for the kids out of Popsicle sticks? Better yet, let them make the puzzles themselves for added fun.  Simply take a picture (one that you've taken yourself, one cut from a magazine or even one from a holiday or birthday card) and glue it onto Popsicle sticks. Wait for it to dry and then cut between the Popsicle sticks.  Now you have a simple, fun puzzle for your younger kids to put back together.
  • Or, make some 'no-knit' scarves.  These are easy to make and are very pretty, so if your kids need a last minute gift for someone, this is handmade and wearable!  Measure out pieces of yarn that would be long enough to go around your neck; you will need a lot!  Anywhere from 75 pieces to 100 pieces of yarn will do. Next, tie a knot at one end and then divide the pieces into three sections. Begin to braid those three together. Knot the other end and brush out the fringe! You've made a 'no-knit' scarf!
  • Finally, what kids wouldn't want to make artwork with empty toilet paper rolls and paper towel rolls? You can even use holiday wrapping paper rolls, cut up into smaller sections.  Give the kids the rolls, some glue sticks and whatever other crafty items you have around: markers, glitter, watercolors? Let them create some very 'modern' art!

If it gets too messy, call the housekeeping services in!  These are some great ways to keep the kids busy during school breaks!

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