Four Tips for Creating an Inviting Entryway

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4997 101413 gs4997Your front entrance sets the overall tone for your home. Since it’s the very first area a visitor sees, you should ensure that your home’s entryway is eye-catching and attractive. Here are a few tips for creating an inviting entryway.

Clear Away Clutter

Nobody wants to be welcomed at the front door by a mess. Therefore, it's important to keep this area neat and clean. Keeping this space free of mess allows people to walk through freely. If you're concerned about dirt and dust being tracked into your home, introducing a rug is a good choice. The Maids in Durham are always available to help keep your home clutter free.

Go Light

If you have windows in the entry, then install thin and light-weight drapes to allow some natural light. A well-lit area will help keep you as well as your visitors safe when coming in and going out of your home in the evenings. Chandeliers, decorative sconces and pendants are some good lighting options. Using a table lamp can be more inviting when compared to overhead lighting. If you do not have a small table to keep a set of lamps, then a standing lamp that spreads out a soft and gentle light would also do just fine.

Add Aroma

Scents like vanilla and cinnamon are welcoming and relaxing, so they will not only mask any unpleasant smells but also make your guests feel at home. Keeping an essential oil diffuser, scented candles or air fresheners near your entryway will create a delectable range of aromas. Be careful not to choose fragrances that are overwhelming.


By updating light fixtures and including an attractive art piece, natural plant, or seating options like a table or bench, you can totally transform the look and feel of your entryway. Let your visitors get to know your family by hanging photos of you on vacations, special moments and memories in the foyer.

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