Figuring Out Curtain and Drapery Materials and Fabrics

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The word fabric has several definitions, but is also used to relate to a particular subject, like computer networking. A curtain evolves from fabrics too. In this particular case, a fabric is defined as the product of having one or more materials spun and weaved together. In other words, cotton that was woven together to make a shirt has become a fabric. Wool woven together with polyester also becomes a fabric. It doesn't matter how many materials are used, it still becomes a fabric. Fabrics can have any fiber or material within them. Therefore, curtains may be described by either the fabric or the materials.

With that in mind, curtains fabrics can be made from just one material to several different materials. Aside from that, some fabrics also get named from their design and not just the materials used. Comprehending the difference between the fabrics and the materials will allow you to find a good match that meets the quality, price, and dependability you need.

Most materials can experience sun rot, but silk is extensively prone to that issue. Nevertheless, silk offers elegant design to a fabric and thus to curtains. Both polyester and rayon provide the style and look of silk, but present more durability to a fabric. Corduroy, wool, and velvet blended curtains are heavier, but work excellent for floor to ceiling needs. Linen adds strength and durability with its stiffness properties, but does easily wrinkle. However, its beauty and style add a nice touch and it is also sun resistant. Nylon is durable and offers machine washable advantages.

When talking about window curtains, looks and design are just as important as things like durability and life span. This is important for those who prefer not to routinely replace those window curtains. Housekeeping makes a room look great, but the wrong curtains can take away from that.

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