Exploring Trim and Moulding

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Moulding, also known as trim, is in almost every single household. Moulding is used to conceal unattractive views like around the interior of windows or over the bottom of drywall at floor level. It also gets used to decorate and enhance the interior areas of any room. They get installed at ceiling to wall areas, around entryways, around room doors, and even on shelving and cabinets.

Because they are widely used, they stand out in every room and make or break the visual appeal in that area. Sure, your housekeeping efforts make the home look good, but things like moulding can affect visual appeal, especially if worn out, chipped, cracked, faded, or even missing.

When shopping for moulding, pay attention to the materials, like oak, pine, polyurethane, particle board, etc. You want to also look into finish options because you can have moulding that is painted, stained, or unfinished. If purchasing unfinished trim, you will have the ability to color it to your needs.

Lastly, look into design. You can easily find plain pieces of moulding that have a slight curve on the surface or you can spend a little more and go with something that has a design like a burned-in design or a routed design.

With so many choices to pick from, you have the opportunity to get what you desire that suits your needs and preferences. This also allows you to enjoy all your hard work with house maintenance and cleaning by replacing something that didn’t look so appealing.

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