Energy Efficient Savings: Save up to 1000kWh per year on Your Home Appliances

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5536-101413-gs5536According to recent in-home studies, many households have an average of 70 plug-in appliances, a majority of which continue to consume power even when they are not performing any function. This stand-by power consumption is estimated to account for about 9 percent of your home’s electricity bill. You would be surprised at the energy levels of your appliances when they are just plugged in. An idle electrical appliance is usually in one of three modes:

  • Active Standby mode – in this state, the appliance is on, but not performing its primary function. Examples include an appliance being charged or a VCR that is on but not playing or recording.
  • Passive Standby mode – here, the appliance is off, but ready to be turned back on using a remote, or is performing a secondary function like displaying the time.
  • Off – here, the appliance is still plugged in and transmitting power, but not doing anything you can hear or see. It is not ready to be switched on using a remote, but it may be performing internal functions.

In these three cases, your appliance is consuming energy. So, turning off appliances that are not in use can help you save close to 1000 kWh of electricity per year. Other tips to save energy on appliance include:

  • Use the power-save switch on your refrigerator (if available) and set the temperature to between 30 and 42 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Use toaster ovens and microwaves to cook or warm leftovers instead of using conventional ovens
  • Dust your fridge, including the coils at the rear
  • Keep your freezer full – even if it is just water – because it will use less energy than an empty one
  • Wash and dry multiple loads at once to prevent your dryer from completely cooling down before the next batch is ready

One other factor that you should consider is replacing your old appliances with energy-efficient ones. They will not only save you money, but also help to conserve the environment since they use less energy. In fact, they will also add appeal to the room because housekeeping doesn’t always make things look great, especially if the items are run-down and worn out. Speaking of house cleaning; if you want more free time to focus on other important things, The Maids of Durham in Ajax, Ontario can give you that time while getting the entire home detail cleaned.


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