Clean House in a Bucket

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Who couldn’t use just a little more time this holiday season? Whether it’s parties or gift shopping or holiday cooking, it seems like there’s always something needing attention—unfortunately, that also includes your house. Who has time for housekeeping when there’s holiday fun to be had?

If there’s someone in your life you think would appreciate the gift of a clean house, then here’s a creative gift box idea just for them!

How to Make Your Clean House Gift Box

  • 1 mop or wash bucket
  • 1 maid services gift card
  • 1 bow or ribbon
  • A few sheets of tissue paper

Choose 3 of the Following 

  • 1 pack of antibacterial sponges
  • 1 pack of microfiber cloths
  • An all-purpose scrubber with bristles
  • Your favorite green cleaning solution or a spray bottle with vinegar and water
  • Cleaning gloves
  • Rags
  • Towels

Put some tissue paper in the bottom of the bucket to make it more shallow, then put the three things you chose into the bucket. Tuck or tape the gift card on top of the other items, then tie a bow on the handle.

Note: if you’re going to have to transport this, some large plastic clear gifting bags will fit perfectly around the bucket, then just gather at the top and tie a bow. The plastic gift bag will hold all of the items in while still displaying them, and it provides the added bonus of a professional-looking gift basket.

Schedules are jam packed now more than ever, but houses get just as cluttered and dirty as they ever have. Having a maid service to clean your home for you so you can spend more time doing what you want is an awesome gift for someone else—and for yourself!

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