Banish the Mold from Your Walls

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crayon-strokes-background-1013tm-bkg-655Mold is a type of fungus that usually develops from spores. Mold is brought about by humid conditions coupled with lack of ventilation. This explains why mold tends to occur most in loft places and bathrooms. On walls, the most common cause of mold is plumbing leaks. Poorly insulated heating pipes can also lead to accumulation of moisture on the back of the walls.Mold can cause poor health and allergic reactions, meaning that if the mold problem on your walls is extensive, it may be in your best interest to use experts to handle it for you. If you are handling a smaller area, ensure that you wear protective gloves, eyewear and face-mask. This will ensure that you do not come into direct contact with the spores, something that can be harmful to your health. While working, use a fan or open windows to promote air circulation.

How to Clean Mold in 3 Steps

  • Make an effective cleaning solution from water and bleach chlorine. Mix the two in the ratio of one part bleach chlorine to 3 parts water. If you want, you can just buy a household detergent that has bleach as an active ingredient. There are also cleaners specifically designed to combat mold and mildew.
  • Scrub the area affected by mold with a brush that has stiff bristles.
  • Finally, rinse the area thoroughly and then dry it.

Prevent Reoccurrence of Mold

In order to prevent mold from reoccurring, you just have to deprive the mold of damp conditions that it so loves. This way, you will have less instances of mold on your walls. And if you would like a professional maid service to come and assist you keeping your home clean to avoid mold growth, do not hesitate to contact The Maids of Durham, in Ajax, Ontario.


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