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The Maids

Friday, 28 March 2014 00:00

How to Clean Micro Fiber

Microfiber is an outstanding fabric for furniture because it is stylish, durable and comfy. However it is may pose challenges when it comes to clean it. Most of the micro fiber fabrics cannot be cleaned by use of water and soap. The tricky part of cleaning this material with water is that water marks remain on the couch giving it an unpleasant look.

This is where the big challenge sets in. the following is a step by step guide of how to clean micro fiber furniture.

There are different numerous types of items which make cabinets harder to organize than any other space in the kitchen. That is why it is important to stick to a simple organization strategy. 

Lack of good organization in the kitchen cabinets can lead to mishaps in the kitchen like cups and dishes tumbling out when one opens the cabinets.

Chemical drain cleaners are among the most toxic household cleaning detergents which can drain through your kitchen sink. Most of the drain openers contain lye and caustic soda (sodium hydroxide) which is very corrosive, can burn skin, lungs and even your eyes. It is also a respiratory irritant. It is best if you can avoid them and go for natural unclogger.

Below I will look at recipe which is not only an easy green drain unclogger recipe but also very cheap and it comprises of harmless products which you may be having in your house.

Doing the dirty job: Without any doubt, cleaning is one of the most unimpressive and annoying tasks that you can expect to include in your daily list of activities. However, if a new study is to be believed, you might just want to consider putting in that extra effort. Mundane and simple physical activities such as washing and cleaning dishes in the kitchen can lower your risk of contracting unfavorable health issues such as Alzheimer's disease. Although that does not mean that you get a clean chit, it effectively reduces the probability of you going down with such conditions, even though you may be on the wrong side of seventy!

Most people's knowledge of dust mites is limited to the barest details and generally involves common misconceptions based in urban myth. Most people know that dust mites are little bugs of one kind or another. They'll tell you they cause infestations and maybe a painful rash. They certainly make you sneeze! And they'll often repeat the old saw about dust mites adding ten pounds of weight in dead skin to the cushions on your couch. But what is the truth about dust mites?

Friday, 09 May 2014 00:00

Eliminate Carpet Odors and Allergens

It is often believed that carpets and allergies are not a good combination. Those who suffer from serious cases of asthma and allergies have gone to the extreme length of replacing all their carpets with hard wood and laminate flooring in order to avoid the allergens which become locked inside carpet fibres. 

However, a regularly cleaned carpet can actually help to reduce any allergens in your home. Laminate and hard wood floors regularly become dusty which can further irritate allergy suffers. Carpets on the other hand will trap any dust or soil allergens within the pile, enabling you to eliminate them with ease. 

Friday, 16 May 2014 00:00

Drying a Wet Carpet

When a carpet gets wet, it is advisable to respond fast to so as to avoid mold and padding which might pose a threat to a person's health. To dry a wet carpet, the first thing one should do is find the source of the problem; a leak or otherwise. The second thing should be to get the carpet from the floor and lay or hang it somewhere for it to dry. For example, this can be done by leaving fans to blow at it until it dries. However, this does not apply to all carpets. For instance, if the wet carpet is too large or a wall to wall carpet, it might be cumbersome or hand to remove it from where it lies.

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