An Overview of Cabinet Handles

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As a home owner, you will certainly agree that in your house, you have several items fitted with handles, including kitchen cabinets, entertainment center doors, drawers, dressers, etc. Interesting thing about all of this is the fact that although the handles fitted in these items are made using good quality material, they are prone to wear and tear characterized by the surface wearing out, loosening, and breaking off amongst other things. The worst part is the fact that no amount of house cleaning can help you deal with this problem.

This being the case, if any of these handles at home gets loose, try and have it fixed, however in case any wears out or breaks off, simply have them replaced. Examples of quality materials used to make cabinet handles include: Nickel, Bronze, Brass, Pine, Oak, Chrome, and Stainless Steel. The material that is used in any case is usually determined by the intended application or use, followed by clientele preferences such as size and color. Since there are several options to choose from, you are guaranteed a chance to easily get that special type of handle which perfectly fits your style preferences with ease.

Uses of Handles

Handles have several uses at home. For instance:

  • To gain access to customized parts of the house such as bedside drawers, kitchen cabinets and drawers, and bathroom cabinets. They tend to make it very easy to pull out drawers or open cabinets, in fact, this is the primary function of handles at home.
  • To compliment the interior decor. For example, a few handles mounted on a board artistically can serve as a perfect hanger either for hats, pictures, jewelry, or any other item which can hang from the handles and help decorate the wall more.

In addition to the above, other uses of handles include coat hanging racks, placed at the edge of wooden dowel ends to be later used as curtain rods, or on the top of lids for big jars etc.

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