Adding More Comfort to Your Bed

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Sleep is important in order to be healthy, happy, and focused. It is also important to enjoy life! With all the busy things that your daily schedule has, housekeeping can be exhaustive. Hiring a maid service can help with the cleaning part, but you still need to get sleep in order to get through your busy day. So how can you help get a better night’s sleep? It starts with the bed. Here is some helpful information to get you on your way to better sleeping.


The mattress on your bed does make a difference. There are so many options and with them, you have many levels of comfort. You can get a mattress that has extra soft cushioning, dual spring systems, memory foam top layers, and much more.

Layering the Bed

The biggest impact on comfort with the bed is the blankets. The more layers you sleep on, the more comfortable it will be. In the cold season, you can always sleep underneath the layers, but they work great as cushioning. Thicker blankets work great on top of thinner ones.

Memory Foam

Memory foam is widely available and many mattresses actually come with it. But if yours doesn’t have it, you can purchase it and place it on top of your mattress. You don’t want it too thick because you need room for blankets, but 1”-1-1/2” is good.

Bed Warmers

During the colder seasons, bed warmers are a great way to fall asleep. They make the bed very comforting and the warmth massages your body to sleep. There are options like a pad that goes over the mattress or blankets that are heated. In any case, you will need an electrical outlet nearby to power the warmth feature. Avoid using extension cords!

In mixing or matching any of these suggestions, you will be well on your way to a better night’s sleep. If you can dedicate sleep time every night, you will start to feel the benefits!

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