5 Steps to Organizing Your Kitchen Cabinets

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There are different numerous types of items which make cabinets harder to organize than any other space in the kitchen. That is why it is important to stick to a simple organization strategy. 

Lack of good organization in the kitchen cabinets can lead to mishaps in the kitchen like cups and dishes tumbling out when one opens the cabinets.

Organized cabinets have benefits like:

  • They make cleaning easier
  • Cabinets that are in order are easy to use for family members and even guests.
  • Organized cabinets make cooking easier
  • By organizing cabinets one can end up saving money because there is no more buying duplicates.
  • It saves time to work with well-organized cabinets

Before you get to organize the cabinets it is advisable for you to think of how they want to use your kitchen.

There are those items that you use every day and those which can be shoved to the back of the cabinets, and those which you can do without. These should be tossed out in order to make the cabinets clean, functional and attractive. 

Step 1

Cleaning Out

It is easy to tackle organization of cabinets on a clean slate. By removing everything out of the cabinets, it is easier to tell what you need and what you don't .This is the stage at which you get rid of clutter like broken down devices, paper plates, plastic cups etc. After this is when you are supposed to clean the cabinets thoroughly by use of cleaning agents and scrubbing material.  

Step 2

Lining Cabinets with cork linings or paper

Once you measure the cabinet sizes, you should cut the liners to size and then insert them at the bottom on the cabinets. Liners help with keeping the cabinets clean and fresh from odors. You can place sachets too at the corners of cabinets to keep cabinets smelling nice. E.g. cinnamon sticks rose petals or lavender. 

Step 3

Organizing small kitchen items and oft items

Small items in the kitchen need to be organized. If not well taken care of they could easily look like clatter. Kitchen organizers would come in handy if you have too many kitchen gadgets but if you don't have too many small devices, kitchen organizers may not be necessary. There are also kitchen cabinets that contain drawers that have built in organizers. You can place oft items like can openers, garlic pressers etc. in a drawer together.  

Step 4

Organizing dishes, pots, pans and utensils

Upper cabinets are the best to place delicate items e.g. nice china, fragile casserole, serving dishes, stemware etc. Pots and pans on the other hand should be placed on the lower cabinets where they are easier to reach and near the stove. You can use a pot track for this. Utensils can be placed in a utensil organizer in one of the drawers that is wide and most accessible.

Step 5

Storage of food

Food and spice cabinet should be separate from the rest of the kitchen supplies. You can choose to have separate cabinets for spices and cereal.


For people that bake a lot, they can have a special place for measuring cups etc. Appliances for daily use can be kept on the kitchen but others that the others that are not used on a daily basis can be kept in an out of the way shelf. Kitchen towels can have a designated drawer of their own and cleaning supplies can be conveniently kept under the sink.  



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