3 Genius Tips to Help Organize Your Kitchen Space

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iStock 000018042301Medium---CopyThe Kitchen suffers from constant exposure and usage, which often leads to things just lying around or piling up in a cabinet. Surfaces get dirty and shoes pile up. In the end, you have a cluttered kitchen that does not look inviting to visitors. Regular housekeeping helps keep things clean, whether you perform it yourself or use housekeeping services like The Maids Durham in Ajax, ON. No matter, clutter can hamper the appeal, as well as the efforts put into a room. Here are some tips to help get that clutter under control.

1. Proper Knife Storage

Proper storage of knives ensures that they maintain their edges for longer lengths of time. You can keep your knives safely at an arm’s length with this suggestion.

2. Kitchen Helper

Use a cake stand to hold salt, pepper, olive oil as well as other seasonings that are used frequently to clear up clutter and get the most off your countertops. The stand will make it easier for you to locate the items, as well as use the ingredients easily while you cook. You‘ll have a larger space to organize other spices and herbs around the pedestal base.

3. Pot Rack

You can manage pot storage chaos without needing a prairie-sized kitchen. Use a hand rail together with some “S-hooks” and you will have solved this problem. It is better to use handrails as opposed to towel bars because they support heavier weight. They are available in different sizes from 12 to 32 inches and can be easily found at your local hardware supply store.

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