3 Common Crafting Messes and How to Avoid Them

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The holidays tend to make people feel crafty, and it’s a great thing to make homemade ornaments, decorations, and gifts. Unfortunately, crafting often comes with many small pieces and gooey substances, so it’s a mess waiting to happen.

Here are three of the most common and most easily avoidable crafting messes that make your house cleaning much more difficult than it has to be.

Mess #1: Glue or paint everywhere. That little bit of green paint you didn’t know you got on your thumb has spread half-moon thumbprints all over the desk. Worse, there’s a drop of dried hot glue that you can’t seem to pick off with your fingernails.

How to avoid it: Cover your workspace before you start. Newspapers, brown paper bags, wax paper—anything that’s smooth enough for you to work on but that will catch the mess.

Mess #2: Accidentally “decorating” the room with glitter or beads. Ever looked in the mirror after an encounter with glitter and found it stuck to your face or hair? And beads are infamous for ending up in shoes or random corners where you least expect them. 

How to avoid it: Hopefully you’ve learned from the hot glue disaster and have already covered your workplace. You should also use another smaller sheet of paper underneath your project when working with glitter for double the protection. Only open and take out the glitter and beads you intend to use (you can always pull more out later!), and maybe most importantly, turn any fans off!

Mess #3: The floor is carpeted with paper scraps. All of that cutting, trimming, and tearing has turned the room into a paper explosion. Strips of card stock and white paper flutter to the floor like snow, only they won’t ever melt.

How to avoid it: Get a shallow pan or box and do all of your cutting and trimming right over it. Clean as you go, as well—when you finish a step in your project, throw any lingering scraps away before moving to the next step.

Don’t forget that starting with a clean area in which to work will make a big difference, too. No need to decorate your clutter, so get it out of there either with a quick house cleaning or the help of a maid service.

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