When the schedule is full, you might feel like there’s no time to do…well, anything! No one likes to be in a rush. How can you do the million things you need to do in half the time? From cooking to house cleaning to getting ready to leave the house—it’s all a bit chaotic when you’ve got a long to-do list.

Here are a couple of things you can make a little easier for you as you’re dealing with all of your responsibilities.

Getting the House Cleaner in Less Time

It’s wonderful to come home to a clean house after you’ve been running around all day, but cleaning when your schedule is already packed might seem pretty impossible. There are a few ways around this.

The first, of course, is to find some cleaning services. Sometimes you have more important things to do than clean, and that’s okay.

Is your car looking a little bleak after the winter? When the weather starts to warm up, doing the house cleaning is going to extend to your car as it becomes a greater priority. You're probably already comfortable with how to wash a car, but are you doing the best job? Here are a few tips for getting both the inside and the outside really clean.

The Outside

When you're ready to wash your car, there's one important thing to remember: don't wash your car in direct sunlight. Move it to some shade or wait until later in the day, otherwise you could end up with soap spots or water streaks on your car. Good shade will provide the perfect amount of light to get it clean without any trouble!

Have you ever needed something and knew you had it, but could not find it? Have you struggled to gather clothes for the washer and spent more time looking around to see what you could find? Have you ever felt tired because the house was a total mess? Have you ever hustled with house cleaning because someone was coming over? Have you ever been embarrassed because someone surprisingly stopped by? Have you ever been tired when searching several rooms for a movie? Have you ever been annoyed by puzzles and other toys in cardboard boxes that don't stack well because they are mangled up? These situations are very real, whether you have experienced any of them or not. This is the perfect time to get more organized.

In your quest for housekeeping and organization, have you ever repurposed something interesting? Some of the most creative innovation arises from a need that is met with a repurposed solution. Everyone likes to have something in their home that makes people stop and say, “I wish I had thought of that!”

You can find lists of repurposed items with a simple search, but here are three favorites from across the web:

Lazy Susan

A Lazy Susan is an interesting tool anyway, just ask your children! You likely use it mostly in the kitchen to keep condiments in reach of everyone at the dinner table or to make spices and cooking supplies easy to grab.

You’ve bought a new house, and you’re ready to move out of your current home. Things are frantic, there are more things to do than there are hours in a day, and you feel torn in a million different directions.

From house cleaning to packing, everywhere you turn there’s another task waiting for you, and it’s easy to get overwhelmed. Take a deep breath, slow down, make a plan, and enlist some help. Here are three things you can do during your move to make things a little easier.

1. Box by Room and Label Everything. It’s tempting to throw random things into boxes, especially if you’re feeling a time crunch, but resist it, because unpacking a thrown together box can be a nightmare. Take a box into a room, start packing. When it’s full (or too heavy to add anything else), close it and label it with where you intend to unpack it.

chef 1110036 012814 intAs the nights draw longer, and the temperatures begin to drop, it can mean only one thing - the Holidays are on their way! Despite telling yourself that you won't overindulge this Christmas, let's face it - you probably will. With so much delicious food available, you'll easily find some yummy holiday sweets that all the family will enjoy. Here are our top picks...

4997 101413 gs4997Your front entrance sets the overall tone for your home. Since it’s the very first area a visitor sees, you should ensure that your home’s entryway is eye-catching and attractive. Here are a few tips for creating an inviting entryway.

Clear Away Clutter

Nobody wants to be welcomed at the front door by a mess. Therefore, it's important to keep this area neat and clean. Keeping this space free of mess allows people to walk through freely. If you're concerned about dirt and dust being tracked into your home, introducing a rug is a good choice. The Maids in Durham are always available to help keep your home clutter free.

1432-112013-120506 fire 02Winter is approaching and you should make sure that you are prepared for it. Most people forget to take some things inside the house when winter starts and this could create huge losses. If you need help making room to store these items inside, call The Maids in Durham for cleaning and organizing expertise.

There are certain household items that should be kept inside for winter. Some of these items include:

iStock 000016525159XSmall---CopyWhether you are preparing to host a casual and relaxed affair or fine dining, some creativity can come in handy when it comes to setting up the style of the table to make the dining experience infinitely amazing. With all the cooking and entertaining hassles, cleaning your home and decorating the dining room table for your event tends to be the last thing on your mind. Presentation is a very crucial factor when hosting some guests- it create the right ambiance for the party. The Maids in Durham are just a call away for any Holiday help you might need this season.

gskm-042114-091 thief crowbar-285In most cases, thieves get into homes when the owners are not a home or when they are sleeping. Therefore, if you want to be safe from the thieves, you should do things that will help to protect your home. Safety should be a top priority in your home, not only for the sake of protecting your valuables but for your family’s safety as well. Here are some tips to prevent break-ins:

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